About Us


AfroPal Forum is a civil society organisation based in Africa that advocates Palestinian rights and works to present accurate perspectives on the Palestinian question, which debunk the Israeli colonial narrative. AfroPal Forum works on initiating and expanding a network of partners on the African continent to propagate and mobilise support for Palestinian rights.

AfroPal’s vision is to create a continent-wide network in Africa that will build solidarity towards the liberation of the Palestinian people.

Our Objectives:

  • To initiate and expand a solidarity network supporting the rights of the Palestinian people, and to highlight the Palestinian issue within countries in Africa, including among government officials, NGOs and activist communities.
  • To expose Israeli human rights and international law violations against Palestinians.
  • To mobilise African civil society, political, and trade union institutions in support of the Palestinian people.
  • To create an extensive set of human and intellectual resources on the Palestinian issue accessible to media and research institutions.

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