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Israel begins hands out deportation notices to African migrants

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority on Sunday began serving deportation notices to Eritrean and Sudanese migrants and asylum seekers, telling them that they would be sent to an unnamed African country that enjoys a relatively “stable government.”

“This is a country that has developed tremendously over the last decade and has absorbed thousands of returning residents as well as migrants from various African countries,” read the deportation notice, issued to hundreds of migrants as they stood in line at the Interior Ministry offices in Bnei Brak to renews their visas on Sunday.


“In recent years, this country has shown the highest economic growth figures in Africa, thanks to exports from the US and Europe, as well as a flourishing tourism industry,” the immigration authority notice read. “In this country, there is a stable government that encourages development in many areas, including medicine, education, medicine, and infrastructure.”

On April 1, the immigration authority plans to begin imprisoning or forcibly expelling those who have not yet left.

However, senior officials in the Israel Prison Service were quoted on Sunday as saying the country doesn’t have enough cells to jail the thousands who are expected to refuse voluntary departure or deportation.



This article first appeared on The Times Of Israel, and can be viewed here. 


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