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Israel offers $9,000 to citizens who help deport asylum seekers by force

Israel said it will pay almost $9,000 dollars to citizens who help in the forced expulsion of asylum seekers.

Volunteer civilians who are willing “to temporarily serve as inspectors in the expulsion of asylum seekers” will be given a bonus payment of up to 30,000 shekels ($8,705), Haaretz reported.

Israeli authorities “published a notice that it is hiring 100 inspectors on a temporary basis for terms of two years, from March 2018, as well as 40 investigators for the unit that examines asylum requests.”

The ‘inspectors’ will be working in the greater Tel Aviv area, with some hired for the voluntary repatriation program and others to enforce laws against asylum seekers and their employers.

According to the newspaper, the job “would entail holding hearings for the asylum seekers; interviewing and documenting the ones prepared to leave ‘voluntarily’; coordinating and issuing travel papers and coordinating flights; accompanying asylum seekers; and monitoring their re-entry to their countries of origin or elsewhere.”

The others would be involved in the “enforcement of laws against asylum seekers and their employers. Their job would be to find them, record their stories and investigate the employers as well”.

“Experience in combat or security is a plus”, the statement added.

The plan, originally introduced in November, will see the 38,000 African migrants, mainly Eritrean and Sudanese, who have entered the country illegally, leave by the end of March.

A sharp shift to the right in Israeli politics has given rise to an increasingly vocal push to isolate African asylum seekers and ultimately return them to their homelands. Darfur and Eritrea, being the majority, are both riddled by instability, long-running conflicts, and political oppression.



This article first appeared on Alaraby, and can be accessed here.

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