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Palestinian Basel Al-Araj’s will

The last testament of Basel Al-Araj, the Palestinian who was killed by Israeli forces yesterday has been made public.

“If you are reading this, then it means I have died and my soul has ascended to its Creator,”is how he began his final statement.

The following is the full text of his will:

“Salutations to Arabism, the homeland, and liberation.

If you are reading this, then it means I have died and my soul has ascended to its Creator. I pray to Allah that I meet him with a sound, guiltless heart, willingly, not hesitantly and with sincerity, free of hypocrisy. It is very difficult to write your will, and  for years, I have looked at all the wills written by martyrs and was confused by them. They were brief and disappointing, lacking eloquence, and did not satisfy our search for the answers for their martyrdom.

Now I am walking towards my fate with content and conviction and I have found my answers. How foolish I am! Is there anything more eloquent and expressive than the act of martyrdom? I should have written this many months ago, but what stopped me from doing this is that this question is for you, the alive, why should I answer it for             you? You must look for it yourself. As for us in the graves, we are only looking for the mercy of Allah.”

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